• 10 Spookily Cute Halloween Beauty Products

    This is Halloween ! Carving Jack O’ Lantern , Stuffing oneself with yummy candies ...and loading up on spooky cosmetics and skincare to revive you #beautyshelf from the dead.

    Here, the 10 most frighteningly beautiful, diabolically named, hair-raisingest beauty picks of the Halloween season.


    1.Too Cool For School Xakziuza Cleansing Water

    too cool for school skincare



    A great cleanser with cute packaging and a creepy memento mori: The bottle says, “Take care of it while you have it”. It means your skin. Impending death aside, the cleansing water, with toning daisy and antioxidant berry extracts, gently lifts away makeup and de-gunks pores. There’s no need to rinse — just keep the bottle and some cotton pads on the nightstand so you can always go to bed with a clean face no matter how lazy you are.

    £19 (Shop Now)


    2.Olivine Good Witch Eau de Parfum

    olivine good witch eau de parfum 

    Not all witches deal in cemetery dirt and eyes of newt — this limited-edition purse spray is for the Glindas, Sabrinas, and Hermiones out there. The small-batch floral scent is as clean and pure as good witch magic, using only essential oils, flower essences, organic sugar cane alcohol, and a pinch of ruby gemstone essence to boost loving connections.

    £49 (Shop Now)


    3.Chelsea Wolfe x Rituel de Fille Color Set

    Chelsea Wolfe x Rituel de Fille Color Set


    On her new record, Hiss Spun, Chelsea Wolfe layers breathy banshee vocals over an industrial beat and sludgy doom guitars. We’re happy to be dragged into her soundtrack through this synesthesic dark beauty makeup collab with Rituel de Fille: The lip and eye duo includes Swarm Enchanted Lip Sheer, a sanguine red semi-matte that “evokes blood in fresh soil”, according to the company, and Ash and Ember Eye Soot cream shadow in Exuviae, a shimmering rose-taupe “drawn from the husks of cicadas”.

    £59 (Shop Now)


    4.Lunatick Cosmetics Labs Elvira Mistress Of The Dark palette

    Lunatick Cosmetics Labs Elvira Mistress Of The Dark palette


    When we saw this palette collab with ghoulfriend Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, we almost screamed with excitement. The dope AF coffin-shaped kit has a pop-up spiderweb and candelabra, a mirror shaped like Elvira's jeweled dagger, and oh yeah, the makeup. There’s a pretty pink blush called Super Unleaded, and five high-pigment powder shadows in Unpleasant Dreams, Bone, Battitude, Macabre (matte black, white, bright sky blue, red), and Aunt Morgana (shimmery rose).

    £29 (Shop Now)


    5.Petite Amie Skincare Project M Scream Masque

    Petite Amie Skincare Project M Scream Masque

    Edvard Munch meets Taiwanese beauty in the age of smartphones. The terror! As part of Project M’s Emoji Series, this face mask — with firming hydrolyzed collagen and vitamin B5 — looks frightening enough on to star in its own horror franchise. Once it comes off, skin looks so fresh and dewy, it’s scary.

    $10 (Shop Now)


    6. Manners Grooming Supply Co. Full Moon Blend Beard Oil

    Manners Grooming Supply Co. Full Moon Blend Beard Oil

    Don’t wait until the full moon for the beardo in your life to tame their feral whiskers. Here’s a silver bullet fix with dark, woodsy notes of rosewood, vetiver, and patchouli and moisturizing natural oils (jojoba, argan). Bearded folks and lycanthropes can apply 6-8 drops to the palms and work into the hair, combing it through to reach the skin below. The beardless can use it to smooth flyaways and seal split ends.

    $10.50 (Shop Now)


    7. Doctor Lip Bang Lip Freak Tints Bleeding Heart Buzzing Lip Balm

    Doctor Lip Bang Lip Freak Tints Bleeding Heart Buzzing Lip Balm

    Step right up for a pretty lip balm with a buildable brick-red tint in packaging that channels the old-timey freak shows of Coney Island. (One layer gives a sheer hint of color; three, and you’re as vampy as you can get with a balm.) The balm itself provides an electric buzz, courtesy of peppermint and cinnamon oils, which is the perfect segue to your next horror flick — Wes Craven’s 1989 film Shocker, available on Amazon streaming, about a serial killer executed by electric chair who comes back for revenge.

    $4.95 (Shop Now)




    Function meets design with the Capital Vices Collection Skull Lip Balm. The highest quality coconut and sweet almond oils moisten, nourish and protect while Vitamin E provides essential antioxidants. The bottom of each balm is embossed w/ the quotation:
    “Be all my sins remember’d”- Hamlet

    £5.50 ( Shop Now )



    halloween skincare corpore sanctum detox skull bottles

    Inspired by the best Korean beauty , those Beauty Products in Skull bottles are the perfect  Gift for your spooky-self or your ghoulish Eco-Friendly friends .

    This includes :

    £26.99 ( Shop Now )


    10. Manic Panic Amethyst Ashes High Voltage Classic Cream Formula

    Manic Panic Amethyst Ashes High Voltage Classic Cream Formula

    The latest Manic Panic shade to give us palpitations is Amethyst Ashes, a grayish violet that looks like it’s been pulled from the embers. As always, it’s semi-permanent, vegan, and will stain a white pillowcase like nobody’s business. To celebrate their fortieth year, founders Tish and Snooky asked John Holmstrom, founding editor of legendary PUNK Magazine, to draw their original storefront. (You might recognize his artwork from the album covers for The Ramones Rocket to Russia and Road to Ruin.)

    £10.99 (Shop Now)





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