• Mini Face Lift Skin Care - Top 3

    Congratulations! You finally decided to get a Mini Face Lift and opted to turn back time with a cosmetic Mini Face Lift ! But dont worry: You're not the only one as 250k people also took the Mini Face Lift's plunge in 2018.

    But you aren’t free and clear as soon as the surgery is complete. An adequate skin care regime helps speeding the healing process and will allow you to maintain your results through time. Here is a list of skincare products for you to use the post-Mini Face Lift period.


    1. Voltary - Cleansing Oil

    voltary skincare

     To Gently CLEANSE 

    Your skin will most likely feel tender with a moderate amount of pain near the incisions after your  Mini Face Lift, but that doesn’t mean you can skimp on washing your face. Bacteria can easily build up, causing infections if not cleaned away properly.

    Gently wash your face with a cleansing oil like the Voltary. Simply

    • Gently smooth 4-5 drops onto your complexion
    • - Use fingertips to gently pat the oil around the eye area
    • - Apply a damp, hot towel to the face and wipe makeup away
    • - Rinse with warm water and pat dry

    This will help reduce scars and keep your skin in tip top shape after that Mini Face Lift.


    2. Esarora Stainless Steel Ice Roller

    Esarora Stainless Steel Ice Roller


    Your face goes through a significant amount of trauma during a Mini Face Lift . Swelling and bruising tends to get worse before it gets better, and typically peaks a few days following the surgery.

    Ice has long been a natural remedy to soothe swelling, whether due to an injury, allergies, and or a night of drinking. However, if you're looking for a solution a little more elevated than a bag of frozen peas, the ice roller is a great solution to instantly reduce facial and under-eye swelling.


    Magic Foundation Flawless Long-Lasting Coverage SPF15 - Shade 6, 30ml



    For the makeup professionals out there who don’t leave the house without their favorite mascara or foundation on, fear not! You most likely will not be leaving your home for one to two weeks anyways after your Mini Face Lift.

    After about a week, you can start wearing makeup again, although mineral choices that are more lightweight and less irritating are preferred by surgeons.

    Concealing the discoloration caused by bruising may be tough at first. Yellow based concealers can hide the bruising, while green variants are the best at covering redness.


    Mini Sun Drops SPF50, 10ml



    Protecting your skin from the sun is just as important before your Mini Face Lift as it is after the procedure. Exposing your incisions to the sun during the healing period can cause them to become darker and prolong your recovery. In the weeks following your facelift, avoid overexposure to the sun at all costs.

    Both sunscreen and sunblock are great ways to protect your skin from harmful rays. Apply a minimum SPF of 30 daily, but be sure not to use too high of a rating as it can clog pores that need to remain clear during the healing process.

    Sunscreen should be used in conjunction with a hat and sunglasses to conceal that Mini Face Lift.

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