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    drunk elephant marula oil

    I've had to learn the hard way that my skin wastes no time when it comes to trying new beauty products. I find out fast if it's a love or hate relationship—there's no in-between BS (I deal with that enough with my dating life, so no issue for me there). Sometimes, I'll be stubborn and give a new skincare product I'm testing "one more try" even if I wake up with unattractive pimples. I hold on to hope that maybe my skin is irritated because of a slip-up in my diet that week. But more often than not, it's the new product, which is why I'm reluctant to add new skincare products to my arsenal.

    After thorough research and raving reviews on skincare products, though, I'll risk it all. I inevitably give in to my curiosity and innate attraction to new beauty things. This is how my love affair with Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial oil began. Well, let me rewind a bit.

    I've had a rather tumultuous relationship with oils. I had to finally come to terms with the sad reality that coconut oil was clogging my pores. After surveying several dermatologists, they confirmed that coconut oil is considered a comedogenic product. This means it's too thick of an oil to be adequately absorbed by your skin, so it essentially sits on top of your skin's dermis and forms a film over pores. Bacteria and dead skin cells will then fester under the skin and cause your body to produce excess sebum, which can result in acne.


    Even though essential oils are plant-based, they aren't gentle enough to be used alone and should be diluted first so that they're safe to use on your skin.

    My fam didn't raise a quitter, so I was determined to find an oil my skin so desperately yearned for. This is when I was introduced to the aforementioned heaven-scent bottle of marula oil. First off, I was wooed by its impressive antioxidant-rich, pure formula of untouched marula (right from the marula fruit), which came with a healthy dose of omega-6 and omega-9. A 100% natural, simple formula that does not contain gluten, fragrance, essential oils, irritants, or silicones soothed many of my skin fears before I even opened the bottle.

    The same day this landed on my desk, I took it home. Yep, the hype was real, and I'm happy I followed my heart. After cleansing, exfoliating, and toning, this oil's turn was up next. I squeezed a dime-size amount out and massaged it onto my cheek and forehead area (I avoid my nose because that's where my pores tend to clog the most). My pores drank this rich oil up so fast, and it felt like my skin had just been swallowed by silk.

    "Marula oil is high in omegas, which means it rapidly absorbs into the skin, and it is healing," explains Drunk Elephant founder Tiffany Masterson. "It's antimicrobial, which means it is ideal for problematic skin and can help balance it. We went with unrefined, which is more expensive, but I chose not to try and control the color or scent. Things should look and smell as they do in their natural state. I wanted to deliver it to the consumer exactly as they have used it for centuries in Africa. Nutty, nutrient-dense, amber-colored, and totally untouched by any chemical or fragrance.

    It's a one-ingredient, multitasking rock star of a product. It's also fair-trade. Drunk Elephant uses a proprietary extraction and filtration process, resulting in the purest and most concentrated form of the oil, with its delicate antioxidant and fatty acid compounds preserved."

    Clearly the hard work paid off. No lie: Every time I apply this nourishing oil onto my skin, my face instantly feels so bouncy and pillow-soft. The formula restores elasticity and instantly brightens the overall look of my skin. And it stays like this for hours. I've taken up two habits with this oil that work the best for me. I'm devoted to my nighttime ritual. It's my favorite thing to apply before bed because even on the coldest nights that like to sneak up and dry out my skin, I wake up with hydrated skin with this on.

    And if you can't tell by now, I have inherently dry, thirsty skin. So, this is an absolutely necessary step before bed.

    My second favorite thing to do with this is use it as a foundation primer. My skin's glow is seriously next-level, and my foundation applies so much smoother. It gives me a lit-from-within look that I can't help but photograph. I'm wearing this oil all over the high points of my face and my décolletage in the above photo (click the arrows to the right for proof). Come summertime, I'm already imagining the glow-up with this gem by my side. You've been warned.

    Now that you're fully aware of my love story with this. I highly suggest you give it a go too. You have my word that you won't regret it.

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