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    We are in the midst of an era where consumers no longer fall for airbrushed images of Hollywood stars on billboards, advertisements and magazines. Instead, it is now a time where YouTubers and bloggers carry a tremendous influence! So, with all the freedom of social media platforms, K beauty has been rapidly making inroads into the West and with the UK’s growing interest in K beauty; Korean styles are now reinterpreting the conventional concepts of beauty.


    So what’s the Korean take on skincare and beauty? Well emphasising skin texture and tone, as well as focusing on natural colours that blend well with one’s skin tone stands at the forefront of Korean beauty. It’s all about natural and moist skin expression that helps to make people look young and cheerful, and of course the beauty secret involves natural ingredients. Long gone are the days where natural remedies and natural treatments are snubbed. Now we welcome anyone with alchemist abilities and skincare know how!


    As for the Korean beauty routine, it’s certainly not shy of the words ‘tone’ ‘cleanse’ and ‘face mask’. At corpore sanctum our products are not only influenced by K beauty but also advocate an eco-friendly living, with natural and vegan cosmetics that are packaged in reusable containers to limit carbon footprints.


    From a fun face cleansing wash with Acai and Goji to a funky face toner with Vitamin C and Chamomile that’s perfect for minimising pores or redefining your skincare routine. Our products are organic, natural and born out of the now viral Korean beauty ritual. 


    Head over to our product section to view our novelty beauty gifts for a friend that’s not only on board with Korean beauty but loves naturally fun cosmetics too!

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