• Fitness Apocalypse? | The Future of fitness after Lockdown

    As the world entered a much-dreaded lockdown: so did most Fitness & Wellness centers.

    Forced to adapt, the industry had to "think outside the gym" moving towards the Fitness 2.0 paving the way for The Future of fitness after Lockdown.


    2 months into lockdown and I already can feel the lack of human interaction taking its toll on me.


    As I'm having one-way conversations with my new chum: Billy - the luxurious fern sitting in my kitchen (see picture below), I had a light bulb moment. What if I installed a space heater in my basement to recreate the atmosphere of my hot yoga classes now that my gym has closed?


    The Future of fitness after Lockdown is part of many more “new, weird, strange workout ideas" I have devised during this nationwide trend of self-isolation and social distancing as the government limits any social gatherings.

    Gyms, yoga studios and CrossFit centers around the world are fueling the drive to stay active despite the current lockdown.


    In the midst of the outbreak Equinox's gym entered the world of "Fitness 2.0" launching its own online platform called: Project by Equinox. It integrates live and recorded original video and audio content from Equinox brands spanning 300 physical locations and 6,000 instructors to fight Lockdown isolation. 

    In addition, The Future of fitness after Lockdown is now on your fingers tips as members can access exclusive classes from Project by Equinox, the studio dedicated to experimental workouts and innovative instructors. The “fitness incubator” runs the modality spectrum, ranging from HIIT to yoga, even martial arts.


    But Equinox is late in the game...

    In 2019, Technogym already made its foray into Lockdown streaming-online-fitness classes via digital platforms on its machines — putting the company on a collision course with the popular Peloton Interactive.

    The Milan-listed athletic-equipment outfit, characterized by some as the Netflix of fitness, is reinventing itself, in an effort to boost earnings during the Coronavirus outbreak.


    Launched since December 2019, Technogym Live listing to their needs of the client for the Lockdown workout, TechnoGym's streaming service already allows gyms and hotels to upload their own live or recorded classes on its platforms, which users around the world can purchase while self-isolating. The Future of fitness after Lockdown was then predicted.

    Meanwhile, Rival Peloton Interactive carries a slightly different model, streaming its own classes through its stationary bicycles and equipment.

    Unfortunately, as people are concerned about lat-offs during this period of Lockdown - those cloud-based fitness solutions can put strains on one's finances putting a The Future of fitness after Lockdown in jeopardy.

    Thankfully, Free Fitness contents are available.

    Streaming live every 9am (UK time) Joe Wicks PE streams makes home workouts available to everyone, no matter their fitness levels - all from the comfort of their living room.


    Now you don't have any excuse not to join the Fitness 2.0's generation and the The Future of fitness after Lockdown.

    #STAYHOME #Lockdown

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