• Lumin Skincare Review

    This Lumin Skincare review begins with a guy traveling around the world. While backpacking around the globe, he notices that men like him were keeping their skincare routine to a (nonexistent) bare minimum.

    Lumin Skincare review

    And if they remotely tried to take care of it: they just didn't know-how! 

    We get it. A lot of us are living around the clock. Sometimes, we are a little too busy to even take time for ourselves. Navigating our weekly superset grind to the gym to caring for our families or staying on top of our respective hobbies — the time is precious. That's why I wanted to do this Lumin Skincare Review and demystify skincare for men.

    lumin review

    It’s important to remember, though, that your skin is just as precious as Father Time and should be treated as such. 

    Lumin Skin Care was created to evolve that untreated facet of a man’s life. It surely achieved their promises ...in a clumsy way.

    California-based Lumin Skin Care has gone to significant lengths to separate itself from the field. Not only did it streamlined their formulas and simplifies man skincare it also does it stylishly.

    Lumin Review

    Unfortunately, Lumin is far cry from the other more sustainable male grooming brands. The packaging is stylish ... but are made using a single-use plastic container.

    Interestingly, the brand does not give the full ingredient list on their website. Only a brief description of some of the key ingredients in the formula and I couldn't find any Infos online to complete my Lumin Skincare review Due to this lack of transparency, we are unable to determine the concentrations of these key ingredients. It’s also uncertain if there are harmful ingredients used in the formulations for that Lumin Skincare Review, such as denatured alcohol, fragrances, and PEG ( carcinogenic).  

    ...and don't get me started on the binary branding 🤮🤮

    Lumin Review

    Lumin has recently won its 2nd round of investment with Harlem Capital Partners permitting them to push the HEAVY marketing campaign on all social platforms. Meaning: Not a very Organic approach to gather reviews and exposure.


    Rate: 4/10 

    Lumin Skincare review's Conclusion : 

    The ingredients used in  Lumin Skincare Review products are OK (at best) but pretty standard ingredients that can be found in numerous other skincare products, even drug store products. That’s why for this Lumin Skincare Review, I would like to recommend a skincare brand that combines tried-and-true ingredients with cutting edge technology and truly unique ingredients: FormulystFor a cheaper alternative: The Basex also works wonders.


    This Lumin Skincare Review has not been sponsored

    This  Lumin Skincare Review has been partially conducted 


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