• TOP 5 - Skull Paintings

    Halloween is just around the corner !

    During the Halloween period the skull as an emblem reigns supreme : from Dias de low muertos to Gothic Fashion .

    As humans, we’re intimately tied to the skull—it’s not only a part of us, but it represents something much greater than ourselves. The skull is the ultimate symbol of death that reminds us that we are only mortals after all .

    Throughout history, artists and writers have meditated on this passing with the skull as the introductory point.

    Shakespeare’s Hamlet famously does so, using the sighting of Yorick’s (the jester) skull as a trigger for memory and contemplation : “ to be or not to be “

    Some prefer to confront our mortality head on (pun intended) and express our fleeting existence through pictures and artwork as did contemporary artist like Mr.Brainwash or Banksy.

    Skulls have been the subjects of paintings throughout art history and continue to play a role in contemporary works often displayed at the Saatchi gallery or Tate Modern in London .

    Here are some of the most original skull inspired art :


    Magnus Gjoen 

    Skull art painting saatchi gallery

    Skull art saatchi gallery manus gjoen

    Magnus Gjoen skull art saatchi gallery


    Mr brainwash saatchi gallery Madonna Marilyn skull art

    Mr brainwash Madonna Marilyn skull art saatchi gallery Tate modern



    Skull Banksy artwork Tate modern saatchi gallery

    Banksy skull art angel saatchi gallery streetart


    George Ioannou

    Queen Freddy mercury skull art George ioannou Audrey Hepburn breakfast at Tiffany skull art George ioannouMichael Jackson skull art George ioannou


    David Lozeau

    Dias de low muertos David lozeau skull artDavid lozeau Dias de low muertos skull art


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