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    Defying the Masculinity Norm

    RETHINKING MASCULINITY 19.08.2019 TEXTANGUS HARRISONPHOTOGRAPHYHAZEL GASKIN PREENED AND PUMPED, THESE YOUNG MEN – BOTH STRAIGHT AND GAY – ARE THE OG METROSEXUAL MEN, BUT STILL FEEL THE PRESSURES OF UNATTAINABLE BEAUTY STANDARDS Welcome to Behind The Masc: Rethinking Masculinity, a campaign dedicated to exploring what ‘masculinity’ means in 2019. With photo stories shot in Tokyo, India, New York, and London and in-depth features exploring mental health, older bodybuilders, and myths around masculinity – we present all the ways people around the world are redefining traditional tropes. Essex – or at least the Essex of our imaginations – has long been associated with...

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