• What's Ron Dorff's SKIN DISCIPLINE ?

    Ron Dorff

    Why does it  take so long for conceptual lifestyle brand dedicated to us boys, to sprung out into the mainstream market ?

    Despite being one of our most ferocious competitors, we have to admit that their skincare line is grant ... but not as fun as our SkullCare !

    As well as producing sportswear that blends function and style with a superb "tour de force", the quirky Swedish/ French brand also features an excellent range of unisex skincare.

    Jerome Touron & Claus Lindorff aka RonDorff ( step aside Brangelina!) is characterised by its simplicity and the Skin Discipline range is no exception. As you might expect from a products "Made in Scandinavia" the packaging design and attention to detail are minimal ( maybe too mini al ) whilst the products themselves are high-end quality, all crafted by cult cosmetics house FACE Stockholm.

    Ron Dorff skin discipline

    Surfing on the trend of Gimmick-free Skincare (look who's talking!) Ron Dorff's range focuses on Scandinavian botanicals, leaving your skin with a spellbinding and all natural scent.

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