About Us


Corpore Sanctum began life in 2017 when Vegan brothers : Ross & Ryan decided to bring their own twist on Skin Care  to cater their own Vegan needs.

Initially only aimed at themselves the brothers wanted to share their vision of Naturally Fun Beauty products using ONLY Natural & Organic  ingredients.Inspired by the K-Beauty ,  the Vegan brothers wanted to bring a funkier and fresher approach to their brand using cutting-edge Packagings .




In the rapidly evolving Vegan & organic beauty sector Corpore Sanctum provides a hand-picked selection of the most advanced Natural ingredients.

Product Development involves meeting a criteria, which ensures undesirable heavy synthetic chemicals and animal testing, are banned whilst focusing on results driven high-end novelty skincare range  . Proving that the desire to go Organic & Vegan is no longer a compromise on results ...or fun !


While effectiveness is definitely up there in terms of what we value in a product, we cannot lie: Sometimes, it's all about the packaging. Come on, don't you gravitate toward pretty wrapping? If you enjoy displaying your beauty products as one would a favourite pair of shoes or a super-chic candle : so are we !



Corpore Sanctum aims to create Beauty products that are Natural & Cruelty-free & decided to donate 5% revenues donated to different Animal & Environmental Charities every month.

The Importance of Giving to Environmental & Animal Charities. Whether it is small non-profit Environmental entity or a worldwide Animal Organisation like Peta charities are an integral part of every community. Environmental & Animal Charities change the lives of our planet with even the smallest of donations making a large impact in the heavily lobbied Beauty Industry.

95% of our current Beauty & Skincare products are crafted using:

Organic ingredients & also Cruelty-Free Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly