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    Corpore Sanctum: One of the most Ethical Small Skincare Brands

      Corpore Sanctum donates 5% of our net revenues to different Eco Charity Green like WWF and EarthJustice helping protect wildlife at risk, while fighting environmental threats. As a Ethical Small Skincare Brands : we want to leave a positive footprint in the world.

      introducing CORPORE , our adopted Qunling Panda & Mascot

      Sometimes we need a friendly reminder that our seemingly harmless everyday habits — like taking a long, hot shower, or forgetting to recycle — can do real damage to the environment. That's why you need Ethical Small Skincare Brands like ours to remind you of that.

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      Unfortunately, if you don’t pay attention to the ingredient labels  on your personal-care products, the same may go for your beauty routine.

      That's why at Corpore Sanctum , we Think about all those Ethical things

      When you wash your fluffy face at the end of the day, not only are the ingredients in your soap seeping into your skin — they’re also going down your drain, entering your home’s drain pipes, and eventually reaching sewers and wastewater treatment facilities.

      As you can see, the bioactive compounds in your products have the potential to affect more than just you!

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      As an Ethical Small Skincare Brand, Using 100% Natural Ingredients from Organic sources , our eco-friendly skincare products are biodegradable making sure that you beauty routine does not harm mother earth.

      My main Ingredients :

      goji berryacai berrySea Buckthornmarula fruitaloe veraargan oil

      chamomilematcha tea

      charcoalorangeshea butter

      Every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans. 30% of those comes from single use Beauty Products.

      Ethical Small Skincare Brands have a mission : reduce that waste.

      Now go up to your bathroom shelf , and try to count how many of your favourite beauty products are contained in disposable plastic containers  – from your fav' hand cream to to your everyday lip balm , deodorant and cotton buds.

      Corpore Sanctum is different. All our packagings are innovatively designed to be Collectible & Reusable to fight single use plastic pollution .

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