• Glossier Models Alternatives - Non Binary way

    Back in the day, a beauty brand would launch with a very specific vision of who it thought its customers would be.
    Much like the Glossier Models brand operated in a very binary way.
    She (client) — and it was always a she — was 18 to 36 years old, had a household income of $70-150K, and controlled the purchasing decisions of her husband (and it was always a husband).
    This vision is now outdated!
    Bye bye gender specific slogan like Glossier Models“You go, girl.”
    Hello "You go, they."
    non binary
    As a Non-binary myself, I wanted to create Corpore Sanctum to resonate with everyone including cis women, cis men, transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and gender-fluid unicorns.
    The desire to have gender-neutral brand is not frivolous and stand away Glossier Models ; it is emblematic of a deeper, more fundamental desire to belong in a safe environment with no judgement or boundaries.
    Just be yourself and have Fun with it!