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    Yeoboseyo 여보세요 (Hello)

    Thanks for entering my Skincare World. Here you’ll find Korean inspired products that I've created with inclusivity in mind.

    As a non-binary, I realized the flaws of Asian cosmetics while travelling to Seoul, Korea.

    Gender-specific, Unethical and full of chemicals : I could hardly find products that were consciously made for my psoriasis-prone skin.

    It's when back in the UK, that I decided to develop my own range of hybrid alternatives aimed at all modern unicorns.

    Corpore Sanctum was then born.

    10 Step Korean Skincare routine corpore sanctum

     K-BEAUTY 한국어


     Great Skincare is now being regarded as more of an exciting ‘lifestyle’ inspired by Pop & Urban Culture that is now evolving into a Global Phenomenon!

    Korean skincare corpore sanctum



    10 Step Korean Skincare routine corpore sanctum


    Activist at heart, I decided to also donates 5% of all my revenues to Ecological, Animal & Social Charities.

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