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For most Westerners, a skincare routine has been regarded as something nothing less than a boring routine, something we feel forced to do in order to achieve the ‘perfect’ skin. However, as the World becomes more interconnected through technological advances, the influence of Young Korean's obsession with healthy skin brings Korean Skincare over to the UK.

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 Great Skincare is now being regarded as more of an exciting ‘lifestyle’ inspired by Pop & Urban Culture that is now evolving into a Global Phenomenon!

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The beauty industry within the UK is also certainly experiencing a couple of changes. With a shift in focus towards Eco-Friendly lifestyles here within the Western World, expensive beauty products are now being staged under a completely new light. Are these products Eco-Friendly & natural? Do they have organic ingredients?

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The big brands now struggle to keep their center stage position. It’s time to welcome a new competitor; Korean skincare beauty brands, those that come with natural ingredients, subsequently helping to breed a new culture within the industry.  



So, how can Corpore Sanctum assist it’s UK market, those that want to integrate Korean inspired Cosmetics into their Western Lifestyle? Well firstly we are home to a wonderfully wide range of Eco-Friendly and natural skincare products inspired by the best of K-beauty. Oh, did I mention that our products are packaged in re-usable containers ?

It is after a stint in Korea that I came up with the idea of blending Asia Beauty culture with Western Sustainable Beauty Ethos.

As a Vegan myself , I created Corpore Sanctum to provides the market with an opportunity to try 100 % Eco-Conscious & Korean inspired cosmetics products. 

100% Natural ingredients, plus innovative techniques whilst harnessing ancient traditions makes Korean Skincare an attractive option when considering options for skincare.


Animal Activist at heart , I decided to also donates 5% of our revenues to Eco & Animal Charities.