Rebalancing Cleansing Oil with Marula oil (100ml)

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We’ve been taught this since the dawn of skincare-times : oil=bad, oil-free=good . Not anymore.

Corpore Sanctum's Cleansing oil in its Eco-Friendly Bear bottle is jam -packed with Marula oil, extracted from the kernels of the marula tree.

The marula oil rebalances the skin by:

-helps fight acne

-soften skin

-lock moisture back where it should be

Ideal to clear your skin from Make-up , SPF and other nasties .

What are the results we hear ? Clear & Firmer Skin.


Scent : Berry & Tea Tree


Oil consistency.

1- MASSAGE for 2 mins on your face

2- WASH OFF using HOT water to dissolve the oil 

3- PAT DRY ... ta-dah!

Ingredients : Apricot Kernel Water Dispersible Massage Base , Marula oil , Vitamin E Essential Oil