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Skincare Haul

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Don't know which of our fantastic cosmetics to choose from ? We've got you covered ! 

Corpore the Cub curated the ultimate beauty bundle including  :

- 1x 12ml Spot Gel Treatment with Sea Buckthorn 

- 1x 100g Brightening Mask with Matcha Tea

- 1x 100g Brightening Scrub with Coconut Charcoal

- 1x 30ml Eye Cream with Argan Oil

- 1x 10ml Lip Plumper Balm with Vitamin E

- 1x 60ml Detox Cleansing Wash with Acai + Goji

- 1x 60ml Detox Toner Spray with Vitamin C

- 1x 100ml Cleansing Oil with Marula oil